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József Vida

József Vida is economist, his studies at several universitied related to business management, liquidation and bankruptcy. Currently he is graduating rom Szent István Egyetem in the field of trust. His banking carrier started at Citibank Zrt. in 1999, in 2003 he switched the position of head of department in Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank to active business director of Szentgál és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet, he was from 2006 CEO here, than President-CEO. He played a significant role in the integrational plans in the past ten years, from 2007 as member of the directors of OTSZ he represented his region through two terms in the highest representation organization. As founder and executive he helped the work of Takarék Akadémia, and the IT companies like Takinvest Kft. and TAKINFO Kft. He is member of the Board of Directors of Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Zrt. and is the CEO of the Magyar Takarék Befektetési és Vagyongazdálkodási Zrt. He led the biggest merge in the credit cooperatives sector, in which from ten credit cooperatives B3 TAKARÉK Szövetkezet was established on 1st September 2015, which is able to serve in Budapest and four counties almost 130 thousand clients. József Vida has contributed to the execution of the governmental integration strategies, supported the performance of the tasks neccessary to implement the integration act. In 2014 he was honoured by gróf Sándor Károlyi plaquette for his activities pursued in the interest of innovation of the credit cooperatives integration. In July 2016 he was appointed to be the president of the Board of Directors of Szövetkezeti Hitelintézetek Integrációs Szervezete. Besides his work at the credit cooperatives, he is a farmer, rears Hannover horses and is executive at several dog-raiser organizations, in 2016 he graduated from hunting, thus his childhood wow is now fulfilled, and following his family traditions he is hunter as well.

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